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company news about Why was the tractor invented?

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Why was the tractor invented?
Latest company news about Why was the tractor invented?

Tractors were originally invented to replace animals that people used for farm work. The American industrialist Henry Ford - one of the pioneers of the modern tractor - was inspired by the desire for a machine that could work better on the farm than a horse.

Before the advent of the tractor, oxen and horses made farming easy for farmers, but all they could do was carry things, not radically improve efficiency. The early tractors were only a substitute for horses, so they were basically used only to transport goods. Early tractors were powered by coal and were called steam tractors, and they looked more like a small steam locomotive with large, sturdy metal wheels that could roll on the road. It first appeared in the late 19th century when Henry Ford saw this early coal-powered beast of a machine, was inspired, and began to actually develop his own tractor. As he remembered in his autobiography, My Life and Work: I am quite sure that, after taking into account all the trouble and expense of feeding them, the horses would bring in less than the expenses. The obvious thing to do was to design and build a steam engine that would be light enough to pull an ordinary wagon or plow. I think it is more important to develop the tractor first. It was always my firmest ambition to take the farm chores out of the meat and blood and put them on steel and motors. This idea inadvertently changed the world and, more fundamentally, the way humans work, laying a solid material foundation for modern agriculture.

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