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Why Make Straw Pellets?
Latest company news about Why Make Straw Pellets?

Why Make Straw Pellets?
Wheat straw is the most important type of agriculture residue in the EU – about 144 million tonnes accumulate each year.How to deal with those straw ?
Burning straw is catastrophic for soil structure ,burning of rice straw remains emits trace gases like carbon dioxide, meth ane, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide and large amount of particulate matters, which adversely affect human health as well as the environment.
By making pellets from wheat straw a new kind of product is produced. This comes about as the organic materials form has been changed by grinding all the materials into small granules. This way not only is the density improved but also easy for transport . Straw pellets have the advantages of renewable, emission-reduction, low pollution and economical. Besides, it is very easy to make straw into pellets. With a small straw pellet mill, you can make straw pellets for animal feed or warming on the farm by yourself.
Making pellets from wheat straw is steadily gaining popularity with many people. With the fact wheat is grown almost everywhere in the world, as long as there are cereal crops growing, straw will always be available to make straw pellets. So it is not difficult to see that straw pellets have a great prospect in the future.

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