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What is a tractor
Latest company news about What is a tractor

A tractor is typically a heavy-duty traction engine that powers a towing tractor or trailer load. These fall into two categories: heavy and medium duty military and commercial rear wheel drive semi-tractors used to tow semi-trailers, and very heavy duty typical off-road capable, typically 6×6, military and commercial tractor units, including ballast tractors.

Tractors are typically equipped with large displacement diesel engines for increased power, durability and economy; several axles; and multi-speed ratio transmissions (10, 13 or 18 speeds) for transmission flexibility.

Tractor-trailer combinations distribute the load over multiple axles while being more maneuverable than a rigid truck of the same size. The most common trailer attachment system is the fifth wheel coupling, allowing quick switching between trailers performing different functions, such as bulk dump and box trailers. Trailers containing different loads can be quickly exchanged between tractors, thus eliminating downtime when trailers are unloaded or loaded.

Tractor bar couplings have also been discovered, especially in dedicated super heavy duty ballast tractors and as a means of connecting intermediate fifth wheel trolleys to tow multiple semi-trailers.

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