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What is a guillotine
Latest company news about What is a guillotine

Guillotine machine is to corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw and other crops as processing materials, through the guillotine, cutting and other mechanical crushing, production of feed processing equipment suitable for livestock breeding cattle, sheep, horses, deer feed.
The equipment is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, guillotine cutting mechanism, throwing mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism, protection device and frame. The composition of its parts are as follows.
(1), feeding mechanism: mainly by the feeding table, the upper and lower Cao Kun, fixed blade, fixed knife support seat [1]
(2), guillotine throwing mechanism: mainly by the dynamic knife, knife plate, locking screws and other components
(3), transmission mechanism: mainly by the triangle belt, drive shaft, gears, universal joints and other components
(4), walking mechanism: mainly composed of casters
(5), protection device: composed of protective cover


The motor is used as the supporting power. When the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower pressure grass kun, it is clamped by the pressure grass 锟 and sent to the guillotine mechanism at a certain speed, and is chopped by the high-speed rotating knife and then thrown out of the machine through the outlet.
Another kind is the trailer type, which is towed on the tractor and powered by diesel engine.

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