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Uses of tractors
Latest company news about Uses of tractors

The tractor's durability and engine power make it best suited for engineering tasks. Tractors are often fitted with a number of engineering tools such as bulldozers and shovels, transfer equipment, buckets, plowing equipment, harvesters, etc. Bulldozers and buckets are often mounted on the front of the tractor, which is often named a construction vehicle after the construction tools are mounted on it.
Dozers are usually tracked tractors with blades in front and rope winches at the back. The bulldozer is a very powerful tractor with excellent contact with the ground and its main task is to push or pull things.
The bulldozer is always evolving, with more and more new products and features that were not available on previous tractors. An example is the loader, who replaces the original blade with a large bucket and uses a hydraulic arm to raise or lower the bucket, so it can easily fish up dirt, rocks and loose materials and load them onto a truck.
Front-loading loaders and loaders are tractors with construction tools, with two hydraulically powered arms mounted on either side of the front cabin; there is also a dumping device, which is actually a bucket with a larger opening, or some are fitted with a flat fork or baler.
Retrofit varieties of bulldozers also include equipment made smaller to work in tight areas where movement is restricted. There are also small-wheel loaders, precisely known as slide-steer loaders and nicknamed "bobcats". It is particularly suitable for excavation work in limited spaces.

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