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Tractors for agriculture
Latest company news about Tractors for agriculture

Agricultural tractors include general crop field plowing, harrowing, sowing, harvesting, transport operations of general-purpose tractors and for a specific area and crop working conditions and specially designed special-purpose tractors. Agricultural tractors according to the structure can be divided into wheeled tractors, crawler tractors and walk-behind tractors 3 basic types (including in these types of a basic type of tractor based on the derivation of the tractor variant, etc.). Special-purpose tractor can be the above 3 basic tractor based on the variant, may also be the use of some common parts of the basic tractor and a separate design of the independent type. Common special-purpose tractors such as upland gap tractor, short narrow vegetable garden tractor, automatic chassis and set tractor. Boat tractor (plowing boat) (see color) is also a solution for the south of China's deep soft mud layer of water field tillage and the development of new special-purpose tractor. Its principle is to reduce the sinking depth with the help of the buoyancy of the hull, in order to reduce the tractor in the deep soft mud layer of water fields in the huge rolling resistance, so as to improve the machine plowing boat in this use of conditions of passability and productivity.

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