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Tractor summer use
Latest company news about Tractor summer use

High summer temperatures, tractor work in a hot environment, should pay special attention to the following issues. 1.
1, cautious handling "open pot" when the cooling water "open pot", to handle cautiously, the correct method is: make the engine running at medium speed, open the radiator cover, release the hot air, to cool down, and then slowly add cold water. When opening the radiator cap, the operator should stand in the upwind position, do not face toward the water spout, so as not to be scalded by the hot water vapor.
2. Keep the cooling system clean before the arrival of summer to carry out a thorough descaling and cleaning of the cooling system, so that the water pump and radiator hose smoothly to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water. In addition, should also be attached to the surface of the radiator weeds and other things in time to remove clean.
3. Prevent water leakage cooling system leakage occurs mostly at the pump sleeve, at this time the water seal compression nut properly tightened. If not effective, indicating that the filler has failed, should be replaced in a timely manner. Packing can be coated with graphite powder asbestos rope wound into.
4. pay attention to the belt tension fan belt is too loose, easy to slip, so that the fan and the pump speed drop, wind is not enough; fan belt is too tight, the bearing load is too large, so that the wear and tear increased, power consumption increased. The general requirement is: when pressed with the thumb in the middle of the belt, the belt sagging amount in the range of 10 mm -15 mm. If it is too loose or too tight, it should be adjusted in time.
5. The correct use of thermoregulation devices thermoregulation devices are automatic (such as thermostats) and manual (such as insulation curtains and blinds) two. Some drivers believe that the hot summer days, the lower the water temperature the better, often remove the thermostat. Doing so, when starting a cold car, will greatly extend the engine warm-up time, accelerating the wear and tear of parts. Therefore, the thermostat should not be removed in the summer either. Thermal curtains and blinds are used to regulate the airflow through the radiator. Summer can generally be used without insulation curtains, blinds should also be placed in full open position.
6. The correct choice of oil summer temperatures, the available condensation point of higher diesel fuel, and to ensure the correct supply advance angle. In addition, special attention should be paid to prevent the oil supply system leakage, because the leakage not only causes oil waste, but also may cause fire. In addition to diesel oil, lubricating oil and grease should also be used in accordance with the provisions of the summer grade. Some tractors have oil temperature reversing valve, seasonal maintenance should be turned to its reversing valve to make the oil to the oil radiator position.
7 attention to the battery maintenance summer, battery electrolyte water is easy to evaporate, should pay special attention to the battery liquid level check. The normal liquid level should be 10mm-15mm higher than the pole plate. The electrolyte density of the battery should be adjusted down according to the regulations. The ventilation holes on the cover of liquid filling port should be unclogged more often. Temporarily unused battery should be stored in a cool and ventilated place. 8.
8. The higher the temperature of fuel gas resistance, the faster the evaporation, the easier it is to form gas resistance in the oil circuit. Therefore, in summer, the fuel filter should be cleaned in time to keep the fuel road open; a wet cloth can be covered on the fuel pump and regularly drenched with water to keep it moist and reduce the generation of air resistance. Once the fuel system gas resistance, should immediately stop to cool down, and use the hand pump to make the fuel circuit full of fuel.
9, prevent the engine from ignition engine overheating ignition, will make the upper part of the cylinder wear increased by 3 times -5 times. Therefore, to thoroughly remove the combustion chamber, valve head and other places of carbon; check and adjust the amount of oil supply and oil supply time to prevent detonation.

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