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company news about Tractor failure analysis

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Tractor failure analysis
Latest company news about Tractor failure analysis

A, oil tank oil supply switch leakage: the reason is that the graphite and asbestos oil seal at the switch is damaged.
Elimination: 1, the switch will be removed, take out the packing, with oil-resistant rubber sheet to make two outside diameter than the switch shell hole larger than 1 mm, inner diameter than the handle screw 1.50 mm round pad, the rubber pad sandwiched in the middle of the steel pad, and then together in the handle screw, tighten the gland device. 2, with graphite and asbestos rope wrapped in the middle of the two steel pad and filled, tighten the gland device.
Second, the oil tank drain tap leaks oil: the reason is that the steel ball inside the tap rusts or fails.
Elimination: replace the steel ball (diameter of 15 mm, the available inner diameter is 80 mm bearing steel ball substitution).
Third, the oil pipe flare oil leakage: the reason is the oil pipe flare cone and flare seat seal is not good.
Elimination: 1, screw the joint first screw the end of the horn. 2, after grinding the horn joint, apply sealant on the cone surface, then tighten or saw off the horn, re-expand 1 with the expander.
Fourth, the hollow screw joint oil leakage: the reason is 1, the oil pipe joint end face, gasket is not flat; 2, the shell on the screw hole at the convex and concave uneven.
Elimination methods are as follows: the joint, gasket grinding flat. Hollow screw hexagonal inner surface flat, and then tighten or sealant on both sides of the gasket.
Fifth, the shell joint surface oil leakage: the cause is the oil pan, cylinder head, valve cover, timing gear room cover, transmission cover, starter gearbox cover and other shell joint surface oil leakage is usually caused by the fasteners are not tightened, gasket damage or failure.
Exclusion: 1、Frequent tightening work; 2、For parts not often disassembled, such as paper gasket, can be coated with red glue on both sides of the paper gasket; 3、For parts often disassembled, such as valve cover, filter housing and other joint surfaces, asbestos gasket should be used, and the pad is coated with lead oil. When tightening, the bolts in the parts should be tightened symmetrically in several times. In addition, it should ensure that the gasket is intact, the joint surface of the parts is smooth and clean, and the parts are not misaligned and deformed.
VI. Oil leakage at the shaft of each lever: The reason is 1. damage to the sealing gasket. 2. increase in the clearance between the shaft and the hole.
Elimination: according to the diameter of the rod shaft can choose a suitable oil-resistant rubber gasket, the inner diameter of 1-3 mm smaller than the diameter of the shaft, installed in contact with the hole wall of the shaft surface can be pressed.
Seven, the crankcase leakage of oil: the reason is the paper gasket is broken or screws loose.
Elimination: remove the oil pan, take off the gasket check, if the gasket is intact, can be wiped clean and coated with a layer of red glue; if broken, should be replaced with a new gasket. Apply a layer of red glue. The screws should be tightened symmetrically and evenly with force.
Eight, high-pressure oil pipe leakage: the reason is that the high-pressure oil pipe after long-term use, the joint cone has worn, resulting in poor sealing.
Elimination: in the high-pressure oil pipe taper and cone hole with a pad 1-2 mm long, about 5 mm in diameter plastic tube, or pad an inner diameter slightly larger than the inner diameter of the oil pipe, the outer diameter of the appropriate purple copper gasket, or replace the new high-pressure oil pipe.
Nine, gearbox leakage gear oil: the reason is 1, gearbox bearing and shaft hole fit clearance is too large; 2, oil seal wear, aging.
Elimination methods are as follows: the box body shaft hole clearance is too large, available set method to repair. If the oil seal is worn, aging and caused by oil leakage, the oil seal should be replaced.
Ten, the support wheel, carrier pulley and guide wheel oil leakage: the reason is 1, rubber seal sleeve wear, aging; 2, seal ring serious wear.
Elimination methods are as follows: timely replacement of the rubber seal sleeve. Replace the large upper seal ring. The two rough joint surfaces of the seal ring must be properly ground, and coated with a layer of graphite slip on both sides, after installation walking 24 hours can not enter the water and dirt.
Eleven, the oil injection port and the oil release port leakage: the reason is 1, diesel tank, gasoline tank, hydraulic oil tank, diesel coarse and fine filters, high-pressure oil pump, oil pan, gearbox and other seals at the thread and pitch is not consistent. 2, diesel tank cover without sealing rubber.
Elimination method is as follows: the seal at the screw and pitch to maintain consistent, all use fine buckle. Add sealing rubber.

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