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Straw crusher
Latest company news about Straw crusher

Straw crusher can guillotine and crush all kinds of crop straw, corn straw, cotton straw, bean oranges, rice husk, peanut shells, groundnut seedlings, cereal straw, wheat straw and other forage as well as all kinds of granular grain.
The machine has the characteristics of guillotine, crushing, green feed pulping as a whole.
It is the ideal equipment for small, medium and large farms and families to raise chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, sheep and other poultry foraging. The machine has a small power, high output, simple structure, and high productivity.
High output, simple structure, easy to operate, one person can operate, wide range of processing, raw materials are not limited by the length.
I. Product introduction
36B straw grinder grinder wears a flywheel, when the spindle speed reaches 1500 revolutions per minute, the flywheel can store enough energy to help the group of smaller power (such as single-phase 2.2 kilowatt motor) to complete the normal guillotine, grinder work.
Second, the use and characteristics
The series of straw crusher can process orange stalks, cotton stalks, bean oranges, wheat oranges, pasture and other forage as well as various types of grains, and can also crush
Corn cob can be used by friends who plant practical mushrooms such as flat mushrooms. This series of forage crusher has the features of guillotine, grass kneading, pulping and crushing as
It is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized farms and families raising pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry for feeding.

Three, structure and working principle
1、The machine is composed of upper shell, lower shell, outlet, feed hopper, angle steel frame, hammer blade, cutter, etc.
2、When crushing, the coarseness of the crushed material is controlled by the size of the sieve, and different sieves can be replaced.
3、When guillotine alone, the screen can be withdrawn.
4、When pulping, change the special screen for pulping.
Four, installation and commissioning
1、The machine should be installed on a flat and solid site when working.
2、Equip and install the motor according to the requirements.
3、Before installing the belt, check whether the direction of rotation of the index power is consistent with the guillotine guillotine cutting direction, and then adjust the installation belt after confirming that it is correct.
Adjust the installation belt and make the belt properly tightened.
4、Before starting, check and adjust the gap between the movable and fixed knives of the guillotine, so that the gap is adjusted and controlled at 0.8 mm or less without bumping, and then lock the bolts.
5、After each part is adjusted normally and confirmed, turn on the power for trial operation and check whether there is any looseness in the fastener connection of each part.
The rotating parts have no abnormal sound and other phenomena.
w、Safety operation and maintenance
1, before starting the machine must be familiar with the manual, and according to its fixed adjustment and maintenance, the operator must master the machine's construction
Construction and functional requirements.
2, the supporting power must meet the requirements, not allowed to raise the spindle speed.
3, before starting the machine to check whether the direction of operation and guillotine cutting direction is the same, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to start the machine.
4, the need to guillotine the material must not be mixed with metal, stones and other hard objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine.
5、After the machine has been started for several hours, it is necessary to observe whether the parts are loose, and the bearings must be greased regularly.
6、Feeding material, the operator's hand is strictly prohibited near the blade, so as not to cause personal injury accidents, feeding material should be uniform and appropriate amount.
Can not be too much or too little, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.
7、It is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking, with disease, or over fatigue, and forbidden to operate alone with gloves, the mentally handicapped, youth under 18 years old, the elderly over 60 years old, and those who do not master the rules of using the guillotine.
8, in the work, such as found blocking grass and other faults, should immediately pull the power off, troubleshooting before operation, strictly prohibited machine
machine with disease operation.
9、Non-staff and those who are not familiar with the performance of the machine should not start the machine casually.
10、When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be stored indoors or in the shed to prevent the machine from rusting.

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