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Small guillotine
Latest company news about Small guillotine

Small guillotine is mainly used for guillotine cutting green, dry corn stalks, rice straw, etc. It can also be used for guillotine cutting various kinds of forage, which is an ideal machine for family farming.

I. Structure Introduction.
The machine consists of the following institutions.
1、Feeding inlet mechanism: mainly consists of upper and lower feeding roller parts.
2、Rotary grass cutting mechanism: mainly composed of dynamic knife, fixed knife, dynamic knife body part.
3、Feeding variable speed mechanism: active tower wheel, passive tower wheel, v-belt, transmission gear.
4、Grass cutting transmission mechanism: motor wheel, spindle wheel, v-belt.
5、Safety protection device: feeding guard (inlet), transmission guard, variable speed guard, upper guard, lower guard, discharge port.

Second, moving knife, fixed knife sharpening and adjustment.
When this machine is out, the moving and fixed knives have sharp blades and the gap has been adjusted, but in long-term use, there will be part of the long grass or guillotine efficiency significantly reduced, indicating that the knife blade is not sharp and needs to be removed for sharpening.
1、Open the upper guard, loosen the fixed screws of the moving and fixed knives, take out the blades, and use the grinding wheel or oil stone to grind the beveled edge of the knife blade.
2、Install the moving and fixed knife steps
1)First fix the fixed knife with the fixed knife screw on the fixed knife holder.
2)Fix the moving knife with the moving knife bolt on the moving knife body, and adjust the moving and fixed knife clearance at the same time, according to the need for general clearance of 0.1-0.3mm range, adjust the appropriate, the moving knife bolt screwing, while the top wire and top wire nut fixed tight.

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