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company news about Precautions when using the guillotine

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Precautions when using the guillotine
Latest company news about Precautions when using the guillotine

(1) guillotine operation, safety protection equipment must be complete.
(2) operators to fully understand the performance of the machine, strictly prohibited after drinking, sick or overly fatigued when the machine is operating, people and things must not be close to the operating parts of the work.
(3) under 16 years of age and young people who have not mastered the rules of machine use are not allowed to work alone.
(4) The working site of the guillotine should be spacious and equipped with fire prevention equipment.
(5) When feeding the grass, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding hopper, and it is strictly forbidden to reach into the shroud of the feeding hopper with both hands. At the same time, we should strictly prevent wooden sticks, metal objects, masonry, etc. from entering the machine by mistake, so as not to damage the machine and hurt people.
(6) It is strictly forbidden to turn the blade upside down.
(7) The guillotine must work at the specified speed, and over-speed and over-load operation is strictly prohibited.
(8)When replacing the fasteners of the movable and fixed blades, 8.8 grade bolts and 8 grade nuts must be used, and low grade bolts and nuts must not be used instead.
(9) work such as the discovery of abnormal sound, should immediately stop to check. Power must be cut off before inspection, and troubleshooting is prohibited while the machine is running.
(10) The amount of material feeding should be appropriate, too much is easy to cause overload stopping. Of course, not too little, too little will affect the guillotine cutting efficiency.
(11) Before stopping the work, should first shift the handle to 0 position, let the machine idle for about 2min, to blow the dust and weeds inside the machine before stopping.

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