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Power output shaft
Latest company news about Power output shaft

It is mainly used to drive working machines with rotating components, such as rotating cultivators, winching devices, harvesting machines, plant protection machines and trailers with drive axles. The power output shaft can be divided into standard speed type and synchronous type according to the speed characteristics.

(1) Standard speed type power output shaft. Its speed is proportional to the speed of the engine, not due to the gear of the transmission and change. According to the different power of the tractor, countries use two different standard speed, namely 540 ± 10 rpm and 1000 ± 25 rpm (in the engine speed is not less than 80% of the nominal speed).

(2) Synchronous power output shaft. Its speed and drive wheel speed ratio for a fixed value, not due to the gearbox gear and change, for the need for power output speed and tractor driving speed proportional to the agricultural equipment, such as seeders, with a drive axle trailer, etc.. Synchronous power output shaft speed is about 3.4 ~ 9.8 rpm (tractor per 1 m distance when the power output shaft revolutions) range.

Belt pulley
Used to drive fixed operation type agricultural equipment, such as threshers, feed grinders, irrigation and drainage machinery and power generation equipment. The rotation direction of the belt pulley should be determined by the principle that the tight side of the belt is on the lower side. The more adopted one is the rear-mounted pulley with gear box driven by the power output shaft.

Hydraulic output point
With the growth of the tractor power and large and complex supporting the increasing number of working tools, agricultural tractors should have more hydraulic output points and greater hydraulic output capacity. In the industrial tractor as a result of the configuration of a variety of hydraulic manipulation of operational equipment, generally has been generally equipped with the necessary number of hydraulic output points and the corresponding manipulation mechanism.

Cab and seat
Good cab and seat and the corresponding manipulation, monitoring devices, is not only to improve the working conditions of the driver, to protect the safety of the driver necessary, and to improve labor productivity and quality of work are of great significance. In order to prevent personal accidents when rolling over, the general medium-sized tractors are available for optional safety protection frame or safety cab, large tractor cab is generally standard equipment. Cab tends to use fully enclosed structure, most of the large glass windows to ensure a good view, the bottom plate using vibration damping rubber pad fixed in the chassis on the support. The cab is covered with sound-absorbing materials around, the ground rubber sheet, to weaken the engine and transmission noise, heat and high-frequency vibration into. Europe and the United States tractor is not installed cab, the driver ear noise is set at 90 ~ 100dB (A); installed cab, indoor noise for 80 ~ 85dB (A). Into the cab air filtered by the paper filter, cab air pressure slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure to reduce dust into. Medium-sized tractor cab generally have heating devices, and no air conditioning equipment, cab front and rear windows can be opened to facilitate ventilation. Large tractor cabs generally have heating and air conditioning equipment.

Early production of tractor driver's seat generally simple structure, comfort is poor. From the 1960s onwards, most newly designed tractors are equipped with more comfortable seats with elastic suspension. The elastic suspension consists of 3 parts: rod mechanism, elastic element and hydraulic damping device. In more sophisticated seats, the stiffness of the elastic element can be adjusted according to the weight of the driver, and the tilt of the seat back can be adjusted. In order to better improve the driver's comfort, some modern high-powered tractor steering wheel height and tilt angle can also be adjusted.

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