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Notes on the guillotine
Latest company news about Notes on the guillotine

Operation and use.
1、To stop and change the long and short grass, change the position of the angle belt in the tower wheel groove to change the cut long grass or short grass.
2、Before working, open the variable speed guard, add the right amount of dry oil on the gear to reduce the gear wear, if too much is added, it is easy to throw to the tower wheel will cause the angle belt to slip.

Safety use requirements.
1, the machine should choose a flat and spacious workplace, and equipped with reliable fire prevention equipment.
2, before starting the machine must be familiar with the manual, according to its provisions for adjustment and maintenance, check whether the fasteners are tightened, rotate the motor pulley by hand, check whether the dynamic knife body rotation is flexible, and then find an electrician to check the circuit, install the knife switch, connect the power supply, connect the ground, to ensure electrical safety.
3、 Before working, select the grass to be guillotined cleanly, do not allow metal objects, stones, sticks, etc. to be mixed into the grass, so as not to injure the machine when guillotining and cause human injury accidents.
4, according to the guillotine label selection of supporting motor, not allowed to increase the spindle speed, not allowed to remove all parts of the protective device.
5、 Replace the fastening screws of the movable and fixed blades without replacing them with ordinary fasteners.
6, under 16 years of age or young people who have not mastered the rules of use of the guillotine is not allowed on the machine into the grass work.
7, operators are strictly prohibited to operate the machine after drinking, sickness or excessive fatigue, strictly forbidden to reach into the feeding guard (feed port) for grass operation, not allowed to use iron, wooden sticks in the feed port to feed grass, violation of the work, the consequences of their own responsibility.
8、 Turn on the power, idle for 1-2 minutes, check whether the machine is running normally, whether the direction of the arrow is pointed out, and only after everything is normal, can the grass be fed. The amount of grass should be evenly fed, once the grass jammed bogged down, should immediately disconnect the power to troubleshoot.

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Maintenance and care:
1、The machine adopts full rolling bearing, it should be cleaned and injected dry oil once a year.
2, transmission gears should be frequently checked in time to inject dry oil.
3, moving, fixed knife edge to keep sharp.
4、Triangle belt wear, slipping not into the grass, should replace the triangle belt in time.
5, maintenance need to disassemble the gear and angle belt wheel should pay attention to the thread rotation. The thread rotation is as follows: active tower wheel Zoxuan; passive tower wheel right rotation; over-bridge gear shaft Zoxuan; upper roller gear right rotation; lower roller gear Zoxuan.

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