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Multifunctional Grass Powder Feed Mixer
Latest company news about Multifunctional Grass Powder Feed Mixer

In the process of feed processing, we are commonly dry powder, or a mixture of several powders to make feed. But sometimes, we have to wet mix, that is, add liquid to the powder. To carry out a full mixing and stirring. For feed mixers, not all machines are suitable for wet mixing. As we commonly used vertical mixing tank, horizontal screw belt mixer is more practical and dry powder mixing, then want to mix the wet mix requires which feed mixer? Today we will discuss.

The common feed mixers on the market that can mix wet mixes are dual-shaft paddle feed mixers and multifunctional grass-fed feed mixers. Single-shaft double screw feed mixer is not unable to mix wet mix, but in the mixing of wet mix, the resistance required is greater, so if you insist on using a single-shaft double screw feed mixer to mix wet mix, then the inside of the strand needs to be thickened to prevent the single-shaft double screw feed mixer in the mixing failure.
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Twin-shaft paddle feed mixer

Paddle feed mixer is divided into two kinds of single shaft and double shaft. Generally speaking, the double shaft is more frequently used, of course, the single shaft is more uniform mixing, mixing time is faster, but the price will be relatively higher. Two-shaft paddle feed mixer has a special channel for adding liquid, the liquid can enter the feed mixer through this channel for mixing, this feed mixer generally belongs to the wet and dry types. Mixing uniformity and time are more ideal, a batch of material mixing time is only about 0.5-2 minutes.

Multifunctional Grass Feed Mixer

The multifunctional grass meal feed mixer is different from the paddle feed mixer in terms of shape, mixing uniformity and mixing time. This feed mixer is generally cylindrical in shape with a stand at the bottom, which can mix dry powder as well as mortar, and also belongs to a kind of feed mixer of both dry and wet. The mixing time of a batch of material is about 3-5 minutes. Paddle feed mixer stirring using the rotor, while this feed mixer is driven by the winch mixing work, belongs to the cattle, sheep wet mixer commonly used a feed mixer.

The above is a summary of the feed mixer that can mix wet mix for you, for home farms, multifunctional grass meal feed mixer may be more suitable for small production needs of farmers. While the dual-axis paddle feed mixer is good cost performance, but the output is also relatively large, used in the mixer uniformity requirements of large farms or feed mills. So have you ever used a pellet feed unit?

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