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company news about Key points of using feed mixer

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Key points of using feed mixer
Latest company news about Key points of using feed mixer

Key points of using feed mixer
1, the crusher mixer must be fixed installation, and the crusher pulley and power machine pulley axis should be parallel, the two transmission pulley slot must be in the same straight line, otherwise, not only to accelerate the damage to the machine, and easy to drop the belt.

2. If you need to change the pulley, must be calculated to meet the needs of the crusher mixer spindle speed. Do not arbitrarily increase the spindle speed, when more than 15% of the speed rating, will cause the machine violent vibration.

3. To carefully clean up the raw materials beforehand, if necessary, through the sieve or selection, to prevent iron parts, stones and so on into the machine.

4. Before each use, we must open the cover of the crusher, check the machine parts are not damaged, especially the rotor on the cotter pin is intact, whether the connection is loose. When confirmed intact, then close the cover firmly, screw into the hand wheel on the door. Drag the belt by hand, check whether the moving part is flexible, there is no strange sound and card touch and other phenomena.

5. After the start of the crusher, need to idle 2-3min, after normal operation before gradually adding material.

6. The operator should tighten the cuffs, wear a mask, gloves are strictly prohibited; feed should stand on the side of the crusher to prevent rebound debris hit the face; crush long-stemmed crops, the hand can not be pinched to prevent the hand from being pulled back by the crop and hit.

7. Feeding should follow the principle of uniform feeding, a small amount of fast addition, that is, from less to more, until the load is normal, and to maintain continuous and uniform, to prevent traffic congestion.

8. If the material into the mouth of the phenomenon of jamming, do not use wooden sticks and iron stab, to prevent sticks brought into the machine or popped out to hurt people, and do not allow the hand into the mouth of the material dial material, you can use a harder stem to push the raw materials into the crushing chamber.

9. Pay close attention to the operation, if found vibration, noise, blockage or outward spraying material, should immediately stop the machine to check and exclude, is strictly prohibited without stopping the forced feeding or pulling out the material with a stick or hand, so as not to hurt the arm or break the machine.

10. It is strictly prohibited to open the door when the crusher is running; belt drive should be set up to protect the device; prohibit long overload operations; various tools should not be placed on the crusher and materials to avoid falling into the machine; smoking is prohibited in the workplace, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof.

11, homemade powder bag should be used to collect good breathable fabric, the length is not shorter than 1.5 m. If the bag is not breathable or too short, it may cause the feed port back spray.

12. Stop feeding before shutting down, and stop the machine after the material is discharged, and dust and lubrication should be done in time after the operation.

Adjustment points

1. There is a gate or baffle plate in the lower part of the hopper, and the feeding volume can be controlled by adjusting the opening degree of the gate or baffle plate. For example, when processing bean cake, should first be broken bean cake, crushed large size should not exceed 40mtn; processing yam vine, should first cut the vine, the length should not exceed 150mm. by controlling the amount of feeding, can improve operational efficiency and crushing quality, to avoid overloading.

2. General crushers have different apertures of two or three sieves (such as tooth and claw crushers have apertures of ? 0.6nma, ? 1.2mm and ? 3.5mm screen), the use of different apertures when replacing the screen, you can get a different crushing size.

In the installation of the screen, according to the rotor rotation direction, the correct choice of screen joint lap, so that the inner interface direction and the same direction of rotation, so as not to block the material; if the screen screen hole is conical, due to the small hole end usually has a small amount of burr, in order to facilitate the discharge of material, should be installed in the large hole end outward.

3. equipped with a wind pump in the adjustment of the crushing particle size, but also available to adjust the size of the wind door to control.

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