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company news about How to start fish farming business in Kenya

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How to start fish farming business in Kenya
Latest company news about How to start fish farming business in Kenya

1. Select the type of fish farming
The first thing you need to consider when starting a fish farm is the type of fish that you are going to use for farming. Selecting the right species of fish plays an important role in the success of the fish farming business.
Tilapia is a popular fish in the market. Its large size, high protein content, quick growth (6 to 7 months), is the main reasons that making tilapia fish farming highly popular and profitable. In commercial fish farming, earth ponds are mostly used.

2. Understand the target market
Business planning and feasibility analysis are important to be done before starting a fish farming business. Also, we should do deep market research before starting fish farming business. Try to understand the local market demand.
If you are raising tilapia fish for commercial food products, re-stocking, or sport, then your base will contain food shop and large company,the food shop can retail tilapia fish for you ,the large company have requirements with a high quantity of fish.


3. Calculate the cost
The fish farming business includes two types of capital investment. They are fixed capital costs and operating costs. Fixed capital cost includes crafting ponds, land & building, plumbing arrangements, vehicles for transport, oxygen meters, several tanks, etc. Operating cost includes buying fingerlings or fish eggs, electricity, fish feed, labor, fuel, medicine, chemical, insurance, tax, telephone, transportation, and other maintenance cost involved.

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Fish farming in Kenya is really a lucrative business idea. If you are thinking about starting this business along with your current profession.This fish farming business plan can be used for your reference, you can change eg the number of fish, selling price of the fish etc

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