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Guillotine Grinder
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Guillotine crusher is a cut off with the crushing of one machine, a one-time corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, sweet potato stalks, peanut loam, reed grass, sorghum stalks and other crop straw crushed into the end; this guillotine crusher finished material according to the size of the sieve inside to control the size of the material, can replace the screen to adjust, simple, convenient and easy to use, is an excellent machine for rural farmers, the necessary choice


1, the machine has three gears, normal use of the handle will be pushed to the "into" position, when feeding too much material blockage, immediately push the handle to the "stop" position, wait a moment and then push to the "back "position", wait for a moment and then push to "back" position, wait for the material to exit and then reduce the feeding amount to work again, stop working when the handle will be adjusted to "stop" position, push the handle should be appropriate, once in place.
2, in the work, rigorous stand in the feeding table will reach out to the upper and lower feeding rollers and pressure rollers to feel, forbidden to use wooden sticks and metal rods to feed the rollers to push the material work, to ensure personal safety, no one shall stand in front of the outlet to prevent accidents;.
3、During operation, if the feeding inlet is found to be blocked, the handle should be pushed to the position of "stop" immediately, and then pushed to the position of "back" after a few seconds of pause, and the problem still cannot be solved by stopping the machine for inspection.
4, operation, such as hearing abnormalities should immediately stop to check, prohibit troubleshooting or open the shield when the machine is running.
5, after the machine is turned on, the operator must not be far from the machine, away from the power must be cut off to prevent children from approaching.

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