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company news about Animal Feed Chaff Cutter Crusher Machine

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Company News
Animal Feed Chaff Cutter Crusher Machine
Latest company news about Animal Feed Chaff Cutter Crusher Machine

Hay cutter is a agriculture and animal husbandry machinery with corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw and other crops for processing materials, by cutting and other mechanical grinding, applicable to the production of animal husbandry, cattle, sheep, horses, deer feed feed processing equipment.

Automatic cut grass and other stalk into animal feed .

The chaff cutter saved the time and speeded up production.

More security than the traditional manual hay cutter.

Blades both side can be use ,the user can change the blades.

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Power Hammer blade Dimension Weight
AKC-360 300-400 5.5kw 16 Pcs 950*650*1010 mm 180 kg
AKC-420 500-600 7.5kw 16 Pcs 1150*800*900mm 260 kg
AKC-420 700-800 11kw 24 Pcs 1300*870*1350mm 280 kg
AKC-480 900-1000 15kw 24 Pcs 1550*920*1100mm 350 kg
AKC-500 1200-1500 22kw 32 Pcs 2460*1410*1550 mm 650 kg
AKC-600 2000 37+7.5kw 48 Pcs 2660*1510*1850mm 900kg

hammer forage grinder Feature:

1. Maize Hammer Mill can drive by Motor,Diesel,Gasoline Engine.

2. Offering 220V and 380V,Accept Customized Voltage.

3. Simple and Automatic Operation.

4. Easy Maintainance.

5. It can be combined wheels, no limitation on the places.

6. It realizes the perfect combination on the chipping and crushing.

7. Hammer Mill can equipped with airlock, cyclone ,Offering customized design.

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