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company news about Advantage of Extruder Fish Feed pellet

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Advantage of Extruder Fish Feed pellet
Latest company news about Advantage of Extruder Fish Feed pellet

According to the feeding characteristics of different aquatic animals, such as benthic animals such as river crabs, they are accustomed to finding food at the bottom of the water, and adopt a slower feeding method, so that the required feed pellets should not be too hard and too strong, and the feed should be minimized. Loss caused by fine debris during biting. From this point of view, the puffed feed is more suitable: the puffed and granulated feed is easy to absorb and soften, suitable for foraging, and can also reduce the loss of debris generated during foraging, reduce feed waste and water pollution. Moreover, the expanded feed has a long water resistance and a high degree of ripening. Twin-screw wet extruders are commonly used to produce expanded feed. There are many factors affecting the expansion of materials, but they are mainly related to the conditions of quenching and tempering, the operating conditions of the extruder and the material properties. Changing the extrusion conditions can control the uplift of the extruded feed.

latest company news about Advantage of Extruder Fish Feed pellet  0

1. The palatability of the feed is improved. After the feed ingredients are puffed, the flavor is increased, the palatability is improved, and the appetite of the animal can be stimulated.

2. The digestibility of the feed is increased. After the feed is expanded, the long-chain structure of an organic substance such as protein or fat is increased to a short-chain structure, so that it becomes more digestible.

3. Can improve the quality of feed. Because protein is combined with the starch matrix, it is not easy to lose when feeding.

4. Feed puffing, the basic is to reduce the content of bacteria, mold and fungi in the raw materials, improve the hygienic quality of the feed, provide sterile and mature feed for the animal, thereby reducing the risk of disease in the animal and reducing various drugs. Addition amount of ingredients.

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