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company news about A brief introduction to tractors

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A brief introduction to tractors
Latest company news about A brief introduction to tractors

Tractors are self-propelled power machines used to pull and drive work machinery to complete various mobile operations. It can also be used for fixed operation power. By the engine, transmission, walking, steering, hydraulic suspension, power output, electrical instrumentation, driving manipulation and traction and other systems or devices. Engine power by the transmission system to the drive wheel, so that the tractor driving, real life, common are rubber belts as the medium of power transmission. According to the function and use of agricultural, industrial and special purpose tractors; according to the type of structure into wheeled, crawler, ship-shaped tractors and self-propelled chassis, etc..

Although the tractor is a relatively complex machine, its type and size also varies, but they are composed of three major parts of the engine, chassis and electrical equipment, each of which is indispensable.

It is the tractor to produce power device, its role is to transform the thermal energy of the fuel into mechanical energy to the output power. Our production of agricultural tractors mostly use diesel engine.
It is the tractor transmission power device. Its role is to transfer the engine power to the drive wheels and work devices to make the tractor travel, and complete the mobile operation or fixed role. This role is through the transmission system, walking system, steering system, braking system and work device of mutual cooperation, coordination of work to achieve, while they constitute the skeleton and body of the tractor. Therefore, we put the above four systems and a device collectively referred to as the chassis. In other words, in the tractor as a whole, in addition to the engine and electrical equipment other than all other systems and devices, collectively referred to as the tractor chassis.
Electrical equipment
It is to ensure that the tractor with electricity device. Its role is to solve the lighting, safety signals and engine starting.


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