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poultry feed pellet granulator

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poultry feed pellet granulator

January 27, 2022
Latest company case about poultry feed pellet granulator

1. The granulation process, under the combined action of water, heat and pressure, starch paste and cracking, cellulose and fat
structure has changed, which is conducive to the full digestion, absorption and utilization of livestock and poultry, improving the digestibility of the feed. By steam high temperature sterilization, reduce the possibility of mildew and worms, and improve the pallet ability of the feed.
2. The nutrition is comprehensive, animals are not easy to pick, reduce the separation of nutrients, to ensure a balanced supply of nutritional feed every day.

3.The volume of pellets is reduced, which can shorten the feeding time and reduce the nutrition consumption of livestock and poultry due to feeding activities; it is easy to feed and save labor.
4. The small volume is not easy to disperse, in any given space, more products can be stored, not easy to be damp, easy to bulk storage and transportation.
5. In the process of loading and unloading and handling, the various components in the feed will not be graded, keeping the uniformity of trace elements in the feed, so as to avoid animal picking.

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